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When young David was just seven years old he had an amazing idea. He wanted to combine his little sisters' two favorite things; stuffed animals and blankies, to create something that would make the world smile. 

David's idea inspired the whole family and soon the Happy Blankie® was born. David knew his idea was a great one because when anyone saw or felt a Happy Blankie® they had a smile a mile wide. 


Thank you so much for "Chase" the Happy Blankie! He was given to my son while he was at Levine Children's Hospital. He absolutely loves Chase and he sleeps with him every day! My son Carson who is two has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is not able to say many words yet but knows many signs. He keeps signing "thank you" when I give him his blankie. Thank God for wonderful people like you and keep up the good work! Thanks again for giving us Chase and keep up the good work. 

The Hawkins Family

In the past year I have come to know your company and I must let you know that I am so incredibly impressed with the work you are doing. On a personal level, I have a 2.5 year old who absolutely LOVES them. :) She has it at nap, at bedtime and it is by FAR her most beloved possession so for that, THANK YOU! 

Karen H., Illinois / Verified Buyer

I purchased two Happy Blankies for my two sons and will be giving them to them on Christmas. My second son was born with a hole in his heart and will need open heart surgery at four months old to close it. He will be in the hospital for at least a week and I will bring his blankie with him. Even though he is so young, maybe it will bring some comfort to him. I have been very sad over this and I will stay with him until he comes home. I just wanted to thank you for being a great company and for showing people love and care. 

Shannon L. / Verified Buyer

Very happy! This is a gift, one of so many for my first grandchild, he hasn't arrived yet, we're still waiting. Can't wait to take pictures of him with Rumble. ❤

Beth W. / Verified Buyer

Hello, once again I am fully satisfied with my choice. I got the medium size dog as a gift 5 years ago for my son and that was the best blanket ever. He never let it leave his side. This time he chose the cat for his sister. We picked the smaller size and my oh my it is the cutest thing ever. The bow is adorable. Of course the quality is always a plus. I am well pleased overall. 

NAKEISHA M. / Verified Buyer

As a return customer, I am never disappointed. Hoot the Owl is beautifully made, amazingly soft and so, so cute! My baby girl loves it. Thank you!

Kelly K. / Verified Buyer

Love love love!! My daughter loves her Rumbles so much I bought every size. They stand up to washing and drying so well. We are never without one handy!

Robin S. / Verified Buyer

I've been purchasing Happy Blankets almost since their inception. I buy one for every foster child I have and no doubt quickly they become their coveted security item. I adopted my four year old and he has CP. His frog Blankie HAS to go everywhere with him. I've had a blind child and the soft & satiny feeling was so great for her.

Alisa S. / Verified Buyer

Too cute for words. I bought the lady bug for my twin granddaughters 4 years ago and now I have a new grandson so I bought him Finn. Love your blankets.

Michelle C. / Verified Buyer


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